Episode 6 Guest – Naomi Onyebuchi

Episode 6 Guest – Naomi Onyebuchi

Naomi Onyebuchi, is a personal trainer and Huston-Tillotson University alum. Naomi is the founder and owner of BWFit and Free2BeFit Trip.

Naomi is a first generation Nigerian-American who has been making her mark in the fitness industry through classes, workshops and fitness demonstrations for the last 13 years. She recently started connecting with local and national fitness enthusiasts/celebrities and began hosting unique classes all over Texas and other southern states. As a former track & field shot put All-American, National Champion and lover of all things fitness she empowers her clients by helping to eliminate excuses and focus on their results. Her growing popularity on social media has allowed her to be a spokesperson for the phrase “Beauty is not measured by pounds” ¬†and show that healthy comes in all shapes and sizes. While her hard body and tough work ethic make her stand out, what sets her apart from her peers in fitness is not just her positive and empowering attitude but her spirituality. That alone has inspired many people to take their fitness goals to the next level and make them a reality. With a clientele that is not just diverse in needs but diverse in location; Naomi has mastered the art of thinking outside the fitness box to give her clients what they need. Understanding that knowledge is power Naomi also mentors new and aspiring personal trainers on the many avenues available to them in the fitness industry.

When she is not at the gym, Naomi enjoys serving in the community, traveling, cooking and spending time outdoors.

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